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 Empire of Sports in 2013 (Removed from Official Forums)

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Jacob Stone

PostSubject: Empire of Sports in 2013 (Removed from Official Forums)   Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:03 pm

After several years of developing in partnership with our community of players, Empire of Sports is now about to write the ending chapter of its history.

The always-changing market of online video games requires to adapt constantly to the users' needs and wishes. Accessibility (more servers), a flexible development (updates on a monthly basis) and adaptation to new technologies (anti-cheat system) as well as to new social networks (more players) are only a few of the many challenges implied by this continuous mutation, but we have failed to cope with them.

Because of its complex online world with several cities, and the major 3D environments necessary to the game, the current version of Empire of Sports makes it hard to keep responding efficiently and reactively (because of a huge lag in our brains) to the users' legitimate expectations (seems that there are no such), especially for new players (rerolls).

In order to answer the needs of our community and to satisfy your wishes for improvement, F4 has decided to initiate a complete destructing of Empire of Sports.

Our teams' passion and enthusiasm does not remain intact, as well as our wish to offer you a quality game experience in a multi-sports environment.

Furthermore, the few technical updates of 2012 only corroborate the need for a real break (game shut-down) in order to offer the final solution for our users' questions.

That is why F4 is going to put the development of the current version of Empire of Sports in hiatus (sorry - we have no programmers), only to focus all our efforts on the next evolution of the game (making all the patriot players quit and introducing a brand new lagger-bugger environment in the game).

Panic! Empire of Sports will not keep running through all of this, so many new events and competitions will be organised in order to keep you dreaming of a new version. But in order for our development teams (which, by the way, are not exist anymore) to bring this new step into fruition in the longest delays, there will no longer be any technical update of the game (so just keep on dreaming, you fools).

Ever since the start of the great Empire of Sports adventure, F4 has included you, the members of our community, to the process of creation by following the directions you suggested for each new development, but unfortunately we do not intend to carry on relying on you to help us build the game that you really want.

We thank you for your loyalty, your faith and your understanding. We will not meet you again in a few months for the Roland-Garros tournament, so we won't initiate together what will mark a first step towards your brand new Empire of Sports, because it is just a fool's dream.

Citizens of the Empire of Sports, WAKE UP!!!

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Jacob Stone

PostSubject: Re: Empire of Sports in 2013 (Removed from Official Forums)   Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:07 pm

Please make it sticky.
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Empire of Sports in 2013 (Removed from Official Forums)

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