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 Tutorials of Ski

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Tutorials of Ski Empty
PostSubject: Tutorials of Ski   Tutorials of Ski EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 10:58 pm

Slide at full throttle!
Empire of Sports ski brings you the famous Super Giant Slalom! Ski downhill through the gates, combining high speed and a good control of your avatar. A range of difficulty settings will be on your way down especially the tortuous tracks. Hold on to your helmet, it’s a long ride down!

Empire of Sports Ski is based on established controls - You control your avatar by using the arrow keys, you may speed up or slow down by shifting your avatar back or forward. The current game modes are Super G and Downhill, which offers a big variety of tracks for all levels. Some tracks have intentionally been kept realistic, others are more of an arcade style of environment.

Super G positioning:

Your position in a race is established by the number of the gates crossed and the timing. Crossing a gate successfully requires you to pass between the two flags.

Ski Techniques

Reaction Time: Reflects your acceleration and recovery time after a fall
Ski Control: Reflects your ability to guide your avatar
Skiing Speed: Reflects the speed

Be sure to choose the Speed !
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Tutorials of Ski

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