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 Quick guide

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Quick guide Empty
PostSubject: Quick guide   Quick guide EmptySun Nov 18, 2012 12:43 pm

1st step is:
-Register at: https://www.empireofsports.com/en/my-empire-of-sports/register/index.html
-Creating your avatar (modifying weight, height, body color, hair style, hair color, clothes,name, choosing flag,chosing one of 3 cityes)
-Training for beginers
-Entering into city
-Joing into competition (by pressing F12)
-You also can create own club or join into already created club (F6 button to check club) , if you are beginner, we would suggest you to join already existed club.
-If you have few friends who can you play in one club, you can think about creating. In actual times of game, there are no many well organised clubs. Maybe you are made to be the president?

If you have any questions, ask Koxx/Jo'oker in game or even here. We are opened for questions.

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Quick guide

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