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Welcome to the first English Speaking Community FanSite of Empire of Sports :)
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 About Us

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PostSubject: About Us   About Us EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 8:22 pm

Quote :
Empire of Sports EU is newly created site about Empire of Sports game,i belive its only one with english language as main language.
Our mission is to introduce new peoples about this game,to give place for english comunity where they can share own knowledge or where they can pick up somebodyes knowledge,where can be shared moments from game,and many more things.
Help to this new comunity by sharing with others (facebook,youtube,vk,twiter,etc) and with posting, or chating make it active.
Our plans,well,maybe some tournaments in future,lot of tutorials,etc.
Welcome and enjoy.

From Koxx:

OUR MISSION is making that game back big and alive. We hope our site can help with that.
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About Us

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