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 Tutorials of Basketball

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PostSubject: Tutorials of Basketball   Tutorials of Basketball EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 10:57 pm


How to play basketball:
Basketball is one of team sports in EoS. Game isn't very complicated. In EoS basket, there exist 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 modes. As you know rules of this popular game in real life, there are almost same in EoS basket.

Movement in basket:
You can move by the court using WSAD/arrow keys. Shift lets you to sprint. (For example, if you want to sprint straight, use Shift and W in one time). Spacebar let's you to jump.

How to pass:
You can pass the ball to your teammate by clicking on hip. You can do high and low pass. High pass = right click, low pass = left click. Beware of opponent's steal.

Just click on the basket to shoot: Left or right mouse click. Jumping increases chance of scoring a goal.

Place yourself in good position to steal opponent's pass. If you get close to opponent that has ball, you will take it from him in several seconds. If you want to clear the ball, use a pass to your opponent, or shoot.

To perform a dunk, you must sprint by holding shift and be in the zone close to basket. Once you reached the zone, left click and release to attempt a dunk.

Intercepting, Dribling, Pass and shoot, Footwork, Jumping
Buy best level items in basketball shops to improve your performance.

Choosing right tricks is important, and lets you to play at highest level of your skill.
Most common used is super sprint - it helps you to sprint faster.
Dunk tricks are sometimes used - you can enjoy 10/15/20% chance to make it good.
Passive skills and endurance tricks are also common - Passive skill tricks give +30 for each skill, and endurance let you sprint longer.

I hope you enjoyed the lecture.
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Tutorials of Basketball

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