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 Tutorials of Tennis

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PostSubject: Tutorials of Tennis   Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:57 pm


Tennis is very popular sport in EoS.

Flat stroke (or normal shot): Click on the left mouse button to perform a flat stroke

Stroke power: Hold the mouse button pressed to adjust the power of your shot. A gauge will appear, indicating your shot’s power. The more powerful is your shot, the less stamina and accuracy you will have.

Topspin stroke: Double click the left mouse button to perform a topspin stroke. The topspin stroke is fast with high bounces.

Slice stroke: Click the right mouse button to perform a slice stroke. The slice stroke has a slow bounce and a lot of spin.

Drop stroke: Double click the right mouse button to perform a drop stroke. The drop stroke has a very slow and low bounce, best in short shots.

Lob Stroke: Click both mouse buttons simultaneously to perform a lob shot. The lob stroke high and slow shot, best for getting the ball to the back court.

Serve: Serving works the same as any other shot, except you can only stand at certain locations and hit to the opposite service box. You can choose from the same strokes than in normal play, except the lob stroke, and the power is adjusted in the usual way.

Underarm Serve: In serving play, double click the right mouse button, or click simultaneously on the left and right mouse buttons, to perform an underarm serve.


WSAD and arrow keys, shift for sprinting.


Hit Accuracy: Reflects how accurate you are when aiming
Hit Power: Reflects how fast the ball can be
Tennis Footwork: Reflects your capacity to run

Choose the best for your style of playing !
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorials of Tennis   Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:31 pm

And good luck to improve your capacity Very Happy Very Happy
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Tutorials of Tennis

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