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 Tutorials of Bobsleigh

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PostSubject: Tutorials of Bobsleigh   Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:58 pm


Feel the speed as you are rushing down the ice track!
obsleigh in Empire of Sports has been developed with a focus on high realism. All the available bobsleigh tracks are virtual reconstructions of actual real tracks. There are currently 3 game modes in bobsleigh: Skeleton, 2-Crew, and 4-Crew. While in skeleton you’re limited on shifting your weight in order to be as fast as possible, a team bob event requires every athlete to fulfill his own important responsibility.While steering and breaking has been solved on an established way (arrow keys or W,A,S,D), launching and balancing must be handled by succeession of various reactions all along the race.

An on-screen prompt will indicate which keys to bash in order to fill the power gauge. You need to reach at least 50%

Once the launch sequence is finished, a new gauge will appear. You must hit [SPACE] before the ball enters the red area. The closer you are from the red area, the better your jump will be.


To steer your sleigh, and avoid rubbing against the border, which would decrease your speed, use the left and right arrows.
Yellow and red indicators will inform you of your distance to the wall. Yellow indicates that you are close to the border, and the red indicates that you are touching the border.

Launching: Reflects your launching strengt
Stability: Reflects your ability to keep your bob stable
Steering: Reflects your ability to steer during teh race

Choose best for your style of play !
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Tutorials of Bobsleigh

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